Tuesday, December 27, 2011

25,000 / 25,000 Glyphs

All the way back in February, I posted about hitting the 5000 glyph mark on the way to the guild achievement for creating 25,000 glyphs. Today, I'm posting (albeit a little late) that I hit my 25,000 glyph mark on 10th November 2011, almost a month ahead of schedule for the guild achievement inside a year on a single character. Today I hit 30,000 and celebrated with a graph.

The major bump on my road to 25k glyphs was the nerf to the guild achievement. The moment it was reduced to 2,500 glyphs, I had already hit the 10k mark. The major side effect of the nerf was that I could no longer use the achievement to track how many glyphs I had made. However, for the builk of the year, I was very much a glyph on demand crafter which made it easy. Every time I would make glyphs, I posted them all on the AH, meaning I got a neat tally from TSM every time I broke out the 'ol inking set. Thow in a spreadsheet, add a graph and head down power through in my favourite market.

You will notice that the graph is decidedly more jagged towards the end of the year. I've made some big changes to my glyph operation recently, and have started to bulk craft and store glyphs and have added an extra layer of efficiency to my glyph operation. I am looking forward to sharing the changes and December results soon.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

4.3 Gold Making Predictions: Perfection and Slow Going

I made a quick couple of predictons for 4.3 gold making before the patch, here's how they panned out.

Chaos Orbs will fall to 50g/ea

Chaos Orb Prices in 4.3

First of all, the giant supply was dead on the money, with over 400 being posted on the first day. Secondly the price fell extremely quickly to the 50g mark as predicted. The major reason the price hasn't fallen any further is because of the way the Economics of Dreamcloth Are Changing. I had considered the floor price of [Chaos Orbs] in relation to Dreamcloth before the patch, but I'd missed out on a crucial piece of information. The number of orbs required for each cloth dropped from 5 to 4, which Flux was kind enough to tweet, so go read his detailed post if you are into all things dreamcloth.

Living Embers will rise in value

Living Ember Prices in 4.3

For the first part of my prediction, I was absolutely dead wrong. [Living Ember]s have not increased in value, however the way I had planned to make coin from them is working very nicely, if a little slow going. I was fortunate enough to get plans for [Fists of Fury], [Emberforged Elementium Boots] and [Endless Dream Walkers] from Firelands... I was a little slack on rolling on the last few patterns that dropped, which in hindsight was a little silly.

All three have been selling for a good markup, although selling quite slowly. I suspect that as valor boots get cheaper and cheaper, the crafted boot market will dry up.


I've been through my stockpile, with much of the ore actually going straight into buckles, they have been selling so well (almost 400 buckles since the start of the month for over 70k in sales). I have sold a heap of leg patches, and keep selling out faster than I can get reasonably priced leather. The Darkmoon Faire has come and gone and my stockpile of decks and cards has been moving nicely. I wish I had picked up a LOT more cyrstals before the patch, as the price has more than doubled and keeps going up, however enchant scrolls have continued to be profitable. I've even dabbled in the epic gem market, but that's a subject for another time.

750k Milestone

I'd been hovering close to the Petting Zoo achievement for a while, so I thought I'd celebrate 750k in style and learn a [Guardian Cub] and [Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw)] to bring it up. I was pleasantly surprised that after buying my parrot purely because it was an epic pet and cost 15k gold, just how much I like it. The slow flapping of the wings, the parrot sounds that it makes, it has to be easily in my top 5 favourite pets in the 100.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lost Engineering Recipes? Nope.

So Faid and Cold were at each other on Twitter today, regarding Cold's post regarding some engineering recipes that had been removed from the game. As the back and forth continued, and apologies were demanded, I thought I'd help out and have a look for myself.

First port of call (as Faid suggested) was Wowhead. I found this comment that told me where to go and learn it directly from Kablamm Farflinger <Transportation Engineer>.

So after an arduous journey, I finally arrived and...

I can make my very own [Dimensional Ripper - Area 52]!

So fear not engineers, you can still obtain the "recipe" and create these magical devices... so find out more, have a browse of some of the fantastic comments over at Wowhead. Now Cold and Faid can kiss and make up, and engineers can be zipping around all of Azeroth and Outlands in style.

Friday, December 2, 2011

November Glyph Sales

  • Total Glyph Sales: 49,943
  • Total Glyphs Sold:  1383
  • Average Price: 36g11s
Another solid month of sales, although towards patch 4.3 I had a lot more competition, and it's continuing into this month. With the recent issues with moving items in and out of guild banks, I've completely retooled my glyph operation, using my mysales data to determine my worst performing glyphs, and ship them off to my baby shaman. I'll get to that post in the next week or so.