Saturday, June 4, 2011

May Glyph Sales

Starting with the stats from May:

  • Total Glyph Sales: 77375g
  • Total Glyphs Sold: 2450
  • Average Price: 31g58s

The average price of glyphs has taken a drastic hit, with the number of competitors increasing and at least one that has set a maximum value for glyphs at 40g. Volume is up, but it's taken an extra 25% in sales to still fall short of the 81.8k revenue from April.

Another factor in falling glyph prices is the reduced cost of herbs, with stacks of cinderbloom and stormvine both available at around 20g. Whiptail is still worth milling since it can be found occassionally at around 34g a stack (which is about equivalent for milling purposes).

Finally, a large factor in the average price of glyphs I sell is the volume of glyphs I'm deliberately pumping out. I'm currently still on track to produce 25,000 glyphs in a year, which changes my threshold for how much profit for each glyph I'm prepared to make. Listening to the Power World: Gold podcast the other day Nev from Auction House Addict commented that she concentrates on glyphs that sell for over 100g. When Cataclysm first came out, I too enjoyed a Merry Glyphmass but even then I would pump out glyphs down to the 50g mark just to push as many as possible out.

At this point, I think I've conquered a great strategy for getting a great volume of sales (considering the competition) in the least amount of time. However, I'm wondering if my 48 hr, no cancellations strategy is pushing the price lower than I'd like.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Justice Point purchases for the toon who has everything

So you've been running heroics on many a toon, and very quickly you've run out of gear to spend Justice Points on. If you're anything like me, you now have every conceivable heirloom, even ones that you don't see using in the foreseeable future. What next?

Coin. Twitchie is all about the coin. In the true spirit of, "Time is money, friend" I have broken down the options to the coin value per boss kill. The calculation uses 77 Justice Points per boss (from the guild perk, For Great Justice at level 18).

I wasn't surprised at just how little extra value you get, but I was surprised at just how bad [Maelstrom Crystal]s were.

Naturally the mileage on your server may vary, and these Dath'remar prices are the mean prices for the realm from the Undermine Journal. For the herbs, I nominally guessed the average value of a herb based on middle ground between Cinderbloom and Twilight Jasmine.

ItemJPs#ValueTotal$ / Boss
[Greater Celestial Essence]4001.0041.8241.828.05
[Heavenly Shard]6001.0053.4753.476.86
[Maelstrom Crystal]37501.00236.002364.85
[Savage Leather]3755.003.3616.83.45
[Elementium Ore]100020.001.8937.82.91
[Hypnotic Dust]1001.002.512.511.93
[Embersilk Cloth]125020.001.4629.21.80
[Satchel of Freshly-Picked Herbs]150020.001.40281.44