Friday, September 11, 2009

Marketwatch(tm) with Borgthor

Inspired to turn your excess [Emblem of Conquest]s into cold, hard coin? Allow me to guide the way.

iLvl 213 Bracers60110018.33150025.00
Eye of Zul1014914.9015015.00
Runed Orb1823513.0627015.00
King's Amber201788.901819.05
Cardinal Ruby201658.251698.45
Majestic Zircon201517.551527.60
Frozen Orb10282.80505.00

MBO = minimum buy out today, on the AH
Avg = 7 day average price on Dath'Remar

The iLvl 213 BoE bracers have jumped in price again, now that everyone has better things to do with their higher level emblems. Of course, they are the hardest thing to offload on the list, given competing BoE items (espeically higher level [Combustion Bracers] for cloth... but if you can find a buyer at 1500g, it just can't be beat.

The next tip is to make sure you're getting your primary colour gems (Red, Blue, Yellow) transmuted by an alchemist, or purchased with Honor to free up your emblems for the combo gems (Purple, Green, Orange).

I was a little surprised just how far down the list [Runed Orb]s are, but considering the best in slot craftables are now competing with iLvl 232 items from normal TotC10 and your [Emblem of Triumph] pick list the demand for these has slowed up too.