Saturday, June 30, 2012

GDKP - Play by Play to Pay Day

OK, Dath'Remar is set to have another GDKP run tonight, and I'm going to cover it in excruciating detail. Rather than just hit up the highlights, my wins and the big ticket items, I'm going to do it all. Hopefully this is give everyone that hasn't experienced GDKP more of an idea of the mechanics, and amuse those that know what it's about with tonight's antics. If you are new to the concept of GDKP, read about my first dragon soul GDKP adventure.

Tonight I'll be raiding on Zenborg, my shadow priest... and possibly my laziest gold making character... I think he's got very little left to buy tonight, so he should rake in some gold. Let's get to the action.

1800 - Invites are out, and I'm getting DBM sorted on the laptop... You only appreciate those timers when you need to DPS without them.
1804 - Checking the coin situation, I have 97k on me, time to see what loot I'd actually like. Zenborg is now pretty much best in slot for normal, with 4pc and a couple of heroic drops from Morchock, [Petrified Fungal Heart] and [Robe of Glowing Stone].
1815 - Slow going on invites tonight only up to 15. It gives me an opportunity to actually try and sell some enchanting scrolls.
1817 - Good news, everyone! Just got an SMS from Oddox saying he'll be on soon. I can't wait to see how much he bids on Gurth.
1827 - We have 20. Oddox is in, and now we're discussing the rogue legendary items. Last week it was put forward that if you have just one rogue it's a minimum 16k buy. Excellent idea. I believe the week before they went for 50k, but I think that was the LAST week and completed the rogue's legendary weapons, so well worth it in my opinion.
1833 - OK, so my wife is very excited that Oddox has transferred his warrior we used to raid with back to our server. I'm also to point out that I'm raiding on her new laptop, pristine and up until my GDKP hijinks, infected with very few addons. As a side note, I think there's something wonderful in the oven right now, and I have a glass of wine. Thanks honey!
1844 - OK, I think we're full. H Morchok is first up. Free food. WIN!
1849 - Not so ready for pull just yet, usually someone bails at the last minute. Another and another.
1902 - Bam! Full again. Minimum 1k starting bid, 100g increments.
1907 - Rogue related hijinks, we have a rogue with season 9 daggers, so no clusters for him. So we're shuffling tanks to grab a rogue at the newly negotiated price of 10k for the clusters. Wrathborg is seething at me right now, perpetually holed up in Uldum for transmuting to [Volatile Air].
1918 - Trash is done. Free flask, win!
1934 - First wipe on H Morchok, looks like we're setting it to normal.
1943 - Normal Morchock down
1944 - [Underdweller's Spaulders] -  1k
1945 - [Razor Saronite Chip] - 500g on pain of DE
1946 - [Mycosynth Wristguards] - NO BID
1947 - [Rockhide Bracers] - 2.6k - Oddox :)
1949 - [Petrified Fungal Heart] - 3.7k
1950 - Essence of Destruction x2 - 300g
1952 - [Pattern: Deathscale Leggings] - 1k
1952 - [Plans: Foundations of Courage] - 1k
1953 - Zon'ozz  next
2000 - HOLY COW! Wipe on Zon zon.
2008 - HOLY $#@%! Wipe number 2 on Zon zon. Leader justifiably kicked the douche melee that wasn't on vent.
2020 - Yey, he's down.
2021 - [Belt of Flayed Skin] - NO BID
2022 - [Grotesquely Writhing Bracers] - NO BID
2022 - [Cord of the Slain Champion] - 4.8k - healthy three way bid.
2023 - We have another person bailing on the run. Doesn't anyone have time management skills anymore?
2025 - [Gauntlets of the Corrupted Conqueror] - 4.5k
2026 - [Gauntlets of the Corrupted Protector] - 7.5k - Oddox yey!
2027 - Essence of Destruction x1 - 200g - Zenborg
2028 - Pot: 37.6k
2042 - Yor'sahj down - Managed to get Oday into the mix with his hunter.
2042 - Interrogator's Bloody Footpads - NO BID
2043 - Mindstrainer's Treads - NO BID
2044 - Scalpel of Unrelenting Agony - 3k
2047 - Leggings of the Corrupted Vanquisher - 4.5k
2048 - Leggings of the Corrupted Conquerer - 4.4k
0853 - Essence of Destruction - 300g (dude tried to bid it back to me for 200g c'mon)
2053 - Pot: 49.9k
2100 - Hagara down. Worst DPS mistakes with cooldowns from me on that one :S
2101 - Shoulders of the Corrupted Vanquisher - 6k
2102 - Shoulders of the Corrupted Vanquisher - 5k
2105 - Electrowing Dagger - NO BID
2106 - Bracers of the Banished - 3.2k
2106 - Ring of the Riven - 8k
2109 - Pot: 72.6k
2114 - Someone managed to bug the Ultraxion trash... we get to do that all again!
2134 - One wipe on Ultraxion and then the kill. 10 minute break coming up too.
2136 - Curled Twilight Claw - 8k
2137 - Morningstar of Heroic Will -  NO BID
2137 - Treads of Sordid Screams - 4k
2141 - Chest of the Corrupted Conquerer - 10k
2142 - Chest of the Corrupted Vanquisher - 6.6k
2203 - Warmaster down, shadow priest on top of the DPS FTW!
2204 - Goriona's Collar - 2.1k
2205 - Goriona's Collar - 2k
2207 - Starcatcher Compass - 6.5k - Oday woo!
2209 - Crown of the Corrupted Conqueror - 5k
2210 - Crown of the Corrupted Protector - 5k
2211 - Essence of Destruction - 200g
2212 - Pot: 122.4k
2219 - Spine. OMFG gripped every damn lift. EVERY $#@%ing lift. Not only that it was for the ENTIRE first lift. I'm only a little competitive, so after slaughtering Warmaster on the boat I was keen on seeing shadows burst on the tendon, but no go. I'm loving the 4pc, and it's so frustrating to just have to sit there, getting felt up by a freakin' tendon.
2225 - Gloves of Liquid Smoke - 5.5k
2226 - Heart of Unliving - 15k - I went as far as 11k... but c'mon it's a healing trinket.
2231 - Backbreaker Spaulders - 3k - People were so myopic as to say, 'who are they even for'. How about perfect itemisation for both Arms Warriors and Ret Paladins silly?
2232 - Eye of Unmaking - 10k - ??? Oddox will tell me what this went for and if he got it
2232 - Essence of Destruction - 200g
2233 - Pot: 163.1k
2247 - Just had the best time DPSing Madness, sandwiched between the two fire mages at 54.2k DPS. I managed to creep ahead on DPS a few times, but just couldn't hang on in the end.
2248 - No'Kaled, the Elements of Death - 3k
2251 - Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind - 9k - Zenborg
2251 - Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind - 9k
2254 - Maw of the Dragonlord - 8k - Again, bidding until the price got too high for my "healing" threshold
2255 - Blade of the Unmaker - NO BID
2257 - Maelstrom Crystal x6 - 700g
2257 - Final Pot: 192.9k or 7.7k each

Overall, a little shaky start with a couple of people not on vent, and some wipes, but it came good towards the end. The bidding was very tentative but a pretty good indication of what sells for the big bucks depending on the wealth of the group. Trinkets, tier and weapons are always popular, with gigantic holes for melee agility weapons and leather and mail gear depending on the make up of the group..

Well, I'm going to leave that in the 'live blog' type format and go and collect my gems. I'll add another post with the data tidied up soon(tm). So I was down on gold in the end by 1.3k (the essences will turn a profit) but picked up that lovely dagger. It's a good night too when you have a couple of friends join in for the ride. There was also less fidgywidgy with bidding this week (although it was more tentative) with no rogue bidding on stuff for their 'intellect trolling set'.

Friday, June 29, 2012

May 2012 Glyph Sales

I call this month, Diablo 3 messes with everything.

  • Total Glyph Sales: 39,510g
  • Total Glyphs Sold: 779
  • Average Glyph Price: 50g72s
The combination of variables for the complete dive in sales compared to the last three months is a mixture of other interests in game (I finally had to round out my stable of tanks with a Paladin), everyone deciding to play Diablo 3 and ... well me playing Diablo 3.

I'm going to keep this relatively short, since it's almost time for the June graph already. I'm hoping June will show a decent improvement as I've managed a more regular posting schedule and checking my mail most days.

I've had just a $#@%ton of whiptail to get through that was posted in bulk at about two thirds of my regluar acceptable price. The cheap whiptail was timely as the discussion on stockpiling for the glyph market for Mists is heating up. I have already been dividing up my surplus blackfallow ink into the lower level inks so I don't have to rush to do it at the last minute. The consequences of forgetting come the Mists preparation patch are more dire than for Cataclysm, since while Ink of the Sea was by far the most utilised ink in the next expansion, currently blackfallow ink is only used for one glyph in the beta. I admit that I did completely miss the boat for the Cataclysm... but really, c'mon; THE WORLD WAS ENDING. Saving the world from Deathwing and then chilling out for some panda / monk funk is a lot more relaxing.

In other news, I've finally started working on my relational database for WoW sales data. I've been meaning to make a start for freakin' ages, but it's winter and my PC for bookwork is upstairs in the really, really cold part of the house. So the solution was to set up a recently retired laptop by the fire downstairs (which needs more wood by the way) where I can work, write and indulge projects without squinting at the TV. I started out with some Ruby to parse my .lua from mysales and moved into mysql. Unfortunately I didn't keep my original .lua files intact, so my most recently impemented feature to record horde vs. alliance sales, will come up a little short for some previous data. My favourite activity so far as been writing a program to take a list of item names and go and fetch the item ID from wowhead. My least favourite part was double delimiting the apostrophes for items like [Queen's Garnet] in order to get that item ID. Aside from a general discussion of the milestones of the project (and to present the all important new graphs) I'll make sure to label and posts about the techical detals appropriately. Any requests for specific graphs or information from my growing pool of data are not only welcome but encouraged.

There's more wood on the fire, and those belt buckle sales aren't going to jump into a database by themselves!