Monday, April 30, 2012

March 2012 Glyph Sales


  • Total Glyph Sales: 62,832g
  • Total Glyphs Sold: 1226
  • Average Price: 51g25s

Almost identical month to last month, including the gaps where I just didn't process enough mail to find sales a couple of days in a row. Could this be the end of the expansion setting in? I guess it could explain why I'm writing about glyph sales from March so late!

My horde counterpart, my only other horde character has just entered Cataclysm zones, leveling with my wife and Kal's horde characters. So now I have maximum level enchanting and jewelcrafting on the opposite faction and can enjoy participating in the crafting market without (or with less) cross faction arbitrage.

I chose jewelcrating and enchanting to fill in the gaps in professions that Kal and Jondy's horde characters hadn't covered to make our tiny, tiny guild more self sufficient. Both Kal nad Jondy have multiple horde characters at max level, so I managed to grab that last two professions that weren't covered. Having a three person guild is fantastic. During my regular AH scans, I can just fill up bank tabs with raw materials to help level professions, stock the guild with consumables and of course, some naked profiteering.

I chose a warlock as my (only) horde character for a couple of great reasons. Firstly, I wanted a pure DPS class so I didn't feel compelled to have an offspec. Secondly, I didn't want a mage, so naturally a second warlock was ideal. Lastly, a female blood elf who has been dubbed "Witch Queen" was a great departure from my Alliance activities. Both Jondy and Kal serve me well despite the nickname and leveling with a paladin and druid who both have tanking and healing specs is just a dream. Instant queues with no responsibilities other than setting $@#% on FIRE! is the hordie life for me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Outsourcing, and saying Thankyou

Oh, sooo many potions.

Outsourcing is a great way to improve gold making. For some people it allows them to tap into markets they otherwise couldn't... but for me it meant I could access all three alchemy specialisations. My first alchemist was an elixir master, purely for the purposes of efficiency when making flasks for my guild. My second alchemist was a transmute specialist, which was fantastic for all those inferno ruby and shadow spirit diamond transmutes (as well as the daily Truegold transmute). I have just finished leveling alchemy on a third character, so I finally have the potion specialisation covered off...

Until now however, I have been outsourcing all of my potions. For an entire expansion, my buddy Kalus and his shaman Hydona have been cranking out a bazillion potions on my behalf. Today a couple of things triggered simultaneously to give me a newfound appreciation for his tireless efforts. Firstly, I grabbed his latest batch of potions from the mail, it is pictured above (minus a stack of conc pots for him and Jondy). That's a LOT of potions. Secondly, I sent my first batch of potions to my new alchemist alt to make... IT'S A LOT OF POTIONS, and it takes quite a bit of bagspace and time to produce them all.

So for everyone that is happily outsourcing some of their gold making activities, it's time to have a think about just how much work we unload onto our dear friends, and say THANKS! If you have a blog, naturally you can put your friend up in lights and say, "Thanks Kal!". Of course, if they happen to represent an aggressive estimate of 10% of your readership, that might not be quite enough.

So... How would you express your thanks for someone who has made an expansion worth of potions?