Saturday, March 5, 2011

February Glyph Sales

I finally got around to exporting data from MySales and it was great to finally have some hard numbers on my sales in the AH. I finally installed MySales when I started trying to reduce my addon footprint. The behemoth Auctioneer was on the way out, replaced by Auctionator and the precursors to Trade Skill Master. I finally decided to remove beancounter, and loaded up MySales instead.

There are a couple of little limitations for MySales, which don't impact the data too much. Firstly, the date for the sale is always when the coin is collected. For glyphs, that isn't much of an issue, as I tend to collect mail at least once per day if not twice. Enchants that I sell on Zenborg, or the rubbish I try and offload on my little storage toon is a different story. Secondly, the addon doesn't always do a great job of recording the name of the buyer. It is really fun to tally up how much other toons spend on your stuff... particularly your competitors (but that is a story for another post).

So here's some numbers to go with the graph for February.
  • Total Glyph Sales: 59302g
  • Total Glyphs Sold: 1267
  • Average Price: 46g80s
So at over 2k per day, the glyph market is quite healthy.  I think the slump in sales (and subsequent rise) in early February was due to my decision on how to tackle the 25,000 glyph guild achievement inside a year. At this stage the numbers indicate that I'm only selling 60% of the glyphs I'm churning out for the achievement, which is actually a little better than I had anticipated. The best part of the new system is that while I'm creating an excess of glyphs, I'm spending less time doing it and making more gold per hour.

I'm happy with the average price being under 50g. I refuse to sell glyphs for more than 125g, and am often undercutting my competition by as much as 50g (on the rare occasion more). There's just something about going above a 900% markup that doesn't sit well for me. Yes, the glyph market has a stupendous number of items to keep a track of. Yes, at times it can be a little labour intensive (windowed mode woodpecker milling is awesome). Yes, competitors can be ruthless. Yes, glyphs are a one time investment now (and a couple of hundred gold is but a drop in the ocean)... but providing quality glyphs at a reasonable price, is just not that difficult.

I'm pretty excited to look at some of my other markets and have another look at glyphs for March.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cross-faction Arbitrage Never Looked So Good


A big shout out to all my Hordies who have been supplying the Alliance with Volatile Life and Twilight Jasmine at 66% and 35% of their (Alliance) market value respectively.

Initially I was completely disinterested in stepping over to the Horde side to help make coin purely because it seemed messy, risky and time consuming. The first few times I moved coin across to Horde, I used the neutral auction house and just soaked up the 15% cut, moving very very expensive linen cloth.

Once I had a decent amount of capital, I realised that I could actually sell my Darkmoon Cards for more on Horde than on Alliance, and the adventure began. The desire to complete the Mix Master achievement for the guild, the awful flask market on Dath'Remar, saw me sinking large amounts of coin into Volatile Life on Horde and since then I haven't looked back.

Volatile Life is very easy to move, since it stacks in 200, which is worth over 1k per stack. Even though it's a little messier, I couldn't resist snapping up Twilight Jasmine this morning at around 3g50s each... so much so I blinked and 10k had disappeared in a flash. With any luck, I'll be able to make flasks at less than the combined cost of the materials again.

Thanks again to my underlings at <Antithesis> for helping to move the coin around.


Another gold milestone crept up on me the other day; 250k on the server. I had originally intended to get all the gold on alliance, but I have started to get into cross-faction arbitrage, with a fantastic avenue to pursue it. As soon as I had hit 250k, another Darkmoon card sold, and Twitchie finally got to equip a well deserved [Darkmoon Card: Volcano] of his own. I still have a deck up my sleeve for Zenborg in about a weeks time.

Now that I'm at 250k gold, I'm not sure more coin is any more useful. Since I'm not likely to spend more than 50k gold on a single item, as long as I'm over 200k I'll be on the lookout for the most attractive of money sinks.

Image by: tao_zhyn