Thursday, October 3, 2013

For the Record: September 2013 Glyph Sales

Reasonably close to the same gold total, but with less than half the average price and double the sales. What the $#@% is going on?

  • Total Glyph Sales: 48139g
  • Total Glyphs Sold: 1379
  • Average Price: 34g 91s 
In September, some bright spark has set a 50g ceiling for glyphs on my server. I don't like to gouge (well too often) but I like to think the effort in the glyph market is worth a reasonable amount more than a 100% markup. I surprised myself by being unable to muster any kind of negative reaction, instead thinking something to the effect, 'this will be interesting for the stats'.

Patch 5.4 was released on the 10th, so the spike in volume may have been influenced more by returning players rather than the decreased costs of glyphs across the board. I have been very slow to acquire the new glyphs, since I'm usually off exploring new content rather than making the most of gold making opportunities.

Along that vein, I lied. My next post wasn't a larger representation of glyphs posted vs. glyphs sold over time, and it won't be for a while. As much fun as I've had developing the tools, the time is fast aproaching where I have a much restrticed warcraft schedule. I'm hoping to get back into it as soon as I have the energy in the new year.