Sunday, July 3, 2011

June Glyph Sales

Starting with the stats from June:
  •     Total Glyph Sales: 72624
  •     Total Glyphs Sold: 3331
  •     Average Price: 21g80s

The average price of a glyph continues to plummet on Dath'Remar, but I continue to sell more and more glyphs as my process is refined. I'm rarely using more than my bank and one guild bank tab for the stockpile, and usually have around 30k stock on the AH, with a coverage of around 2 of each profitable glyph posted each time I post.

Since patch 4.2, I've been making a killing with leatherworking and jewelcrafting, dwarfing my glyph sales, but I'm looking forward to persisting in the market at least until I've created 25,000 glyphs since Cata.