Saturday, November 27, 2010

Crafting: Maximising your AFK time

Milling herbs can sometimes be tedious... but aside from minimusing WoW and doing something else while you facroll your mailling macro, you can't escape that one keypress per action limitation that's been imposed.

Creating Inks from pigments can be equally tedious... but you can be AFK! So make sure you really fill up those 4 inscribing bags I know you all keep on your inscriptionists (and some more for the bank) and just let it roll.


  1. Wow 36mins? The longest B1 took to smelt was 15mins and I was already twiddling my thumbs, bored.

  2. Yeah, smelting ore is another long one. Unfortunately when I do it on Borgthor it's several smaller batches, since I can rarely afford that much free bag space.