Saturday, January 14, 2012

December Glyph Sales

  • Total Glyph Sales: 125,165
  • Total Glyphs Sold: 2175
  • Average Price: 57g55s
December was pretty huge. Not only did I sell a LOT more glyphs (up from 1383) but thanks to the holidays increased demand saw the average price of my glyphs rise over 20g. 125k of sales in a month posting at most twice per day 5 days per week and a little more on weekends is exactly why glyphs are my favourite market.

It was my first month mass crafting glyphs and posting a selection on two characters (details to follow in another post) and it worked really well. I've been a little short on time recently with work ramping up, and the ability to ignore glyphs returned in the mail, and just repost every, single, profitable glyph direct from my bank means I can fit posting much more easily into my schedule. For example, while I'm writing this post, I'm emptying the mailbox to the tune of 745 items. If I get stuck on a sentence, or I'm figuring out how to reduce the reuccurence of the words fantastic and awesome in my post.... I just alt-tab and run to the bank, dump the glyphs and get back to the mailbox.

Since I snuck in the infamous blogger caveat of more work and less play, I'll get to my glyph operation restructure a little later this month.


  1. LOL @ you getting stuck on how to reduce 'awesome and fantastic' from the post. Personally, when prices rise at over 20g and you have 125k of sales (is that net or gross?) those words can not reoccur often enough. I realise you've reshaped how you're approaching your glyphing, using new systems and/or strategies that have been suggested in previous posts. With that context, you write "It was my first month mass crafting..", does that actually mean this is the first *full* month using your new strategy? If so, the result is outstanding. Well done.

  2. The concepts of gross and net don't apply to sales, it really only applies economic concepts like income or profit. Gross means 'exclusive of deductions' or 'total'.

    So when I say Total Glyph Sales, it is to be taken literally as the sum of the coin returned in the mail from each glyph sold.

    Calculating the profit is a different matter entirely. I buy in bulk, and don't really track the cost of materials. When I calculate profit for any of my crafted goods, I use my thresholds for purchasing as the baseline, so aside from lost deposits (1s for glyphs is tiny) I'm calculating the minimum profit on each item.

    So very rough napkin maths for glyphs...

    Assumptions: Inferno ink is NOT a biproduct, and it's value is market value ~14g/ea. This puts it at about 5 times the value of my milled blackfallow ink [it has made me a profit in DM cards with the assumption of 10 times the value all expansion].

    Whiptail: 1g50s > Blackfallow: 2g66s

    Glyph = 3x Blackfallow + Res. Parchment = 8g50s.

    2175 x 8g50s ~= 18,500g

    So it's a markup of around 675%. That's pretty huge.

    However, the number of items sold, and the number of item posted is also fairly huge. Even posting once or twice per day, it's still a reasonable amount of work. However, factoring in AFK milling, inking and crafting, it's my favourite market because it give me the best return on my time...

    ... for those in the know, transmog can absolutely blow this out of the water, but it gives any other profession a run for its money.