Saturday, January 14, 2012

Justice Points BoE: 378 Bracers Auctionator List

I love it when several concepts collide in gold making that yeild positive changes to my gold making in other markets. Recently in the gold making community, there's been a lot of discussion on tools to make searching for transmogrification items easier. Keelhaul (the Mogfather) has been publishing some lists on the Hatchery at Power Word: Gold, and both Alto and Jim (nee, Flux) have put together tutorials on finding those transmog bargains. [Scroll down if you want the direct links to these lists / tutorials]

When I saw Keel's lists for mail and plate, I put all the plate into Auctionator and created a list. I exported the list, and posted it as a comment for other gold makers to use. When I looked at the simplicity of the exported list, I tried again with mail, only this time outside the game. I grabbed my favourite text editor and edited the list from the hatchery down to a list of items. It was also super quick to include the restriction, mail armor only. The list was created in about 20 seconds (rather than searching for each set one by one, building a list in game). It still hadn't occured to me that there's so much stuff I'd like to search for which I would more quickly build lists for outside of the game.

Today as I was about to queue for my last random battle ground for the week, I realised I was yet again at the honor cap. I had recently decided to get back into PvP on my main character Borgthor, and have been having fun doing some casual arena with guildies and capping my conquest points each week. With the conquest points system, if you only do arena and battlegrounds, you need to win three random battlegrounds per week to get those extra 300 points that you can't get doing arena alone. It's far enough into the season that I have nothing left to spend honor on. I've had enough honor to put PvP chants on my shoulders and helm, and even buy a previous season sword just for transmogrification. I also bought up all the old shields for my collection, which now occupies a large chunk of my void storage (WTB more tabs please).

So before I went in to battle for Gilneas, I quickly bought a [Greater Celestial Essence] to avoid wasting any honor. While handing a 2000 / 200 slaughter to the horde, I wondered if there was a better way of spending my honor for coin.

I immediately thought of the previous tier's 378 bracers, now available for Justice Points, and wondered how much they need to sell for to be worth more than a GCE. A GCE on my server goes for around 90g, which at 400 honor is a return of 225g per thousand honor. When you trade honor for justice points, you only get 250 justice for 375 honor, which means bracers cost 1875 honor. Right now on my server (make sure you do the maths for yours) the bracers need to sell above 422g to be a viable alternative to buying GCEs.

The next step, checking all the different justice point bracers, really put me off bothering to do the sums and analyse the market at all. Copy / pasting in all the different variations to see which is selling and for what price is not how I want to spend my time.... until I twigged, aren't I awesome at making Auctionator shopping lists now? Yes. Yes, I am. So off to wowhead I went, grabbed the list of bracers directly from the table and one regular expression later I had a neat Auctionator list ready to go.

Many bracers were around the 300g mark, but [Flamebinder Bracers] stood out at 1400g, and I knew I was in business. So here it is, the 378 BoE Justice Point Bracers Auctionator List.

*** justice_bracers
Bracers of Forked Lightning
Bracers of Imperious Truths
Bracers of Misting Ash
Bracers of Regal Force
Emberflame Bracers
Firesoul Wristguards
Flamebinder Bracers
Gigantiform Bracers
Smolderskull Bindings

To find out more about transmog lists and auctionator, the gold making community has you covered:
How do you spend your excess Justice and Honor points?


  1. Excellent post (actually laughed out loud at your query and subsequent agreement to your own awesomeness) and interesting concept. I thought 'Finding Mogging Items to Flip' fascinating and he makes it look so easy. Gold at my fingertips... which would of course lead to gold fingers.. (feel like invoking Shirley Bassey and singing Goldfinger.. does that make me a Bond girl?). With the current re-roll of my DK all my JP is heading toward heirloom gear, so dipping my fingers into that pot of gold will have to wait a little while.. (we shan't mention Honor points). Although, I did sense an urgency in Jim Younkin's video to making the flips before specific items/gear and related prices skyrocket, so in that context, I trust you're flipping transmog gear pretty confidently... definitely with more confidence than my Shirley Bassey impersonation anyway.

  2. Oh!! And thrilled to see Twitchie mentioned in Alto's Goldish Advice :D ... I'd subscribe to the tantalising Twitchie Twitter tweeting tempting tips but then someone will accuse me of stalking... and that's so not true lol...