Monday, June 30, 2014

The Glyph Divide: Pie Chart

The month of May was huge for glyph sales, but it was also my first full month with the new glyph set up on connected realms. Posting glyphs on three different characters that have their entire inventory devoted to glyphs is a joy! I can AFK and collect mail at my leisure, and Twitchie just doesn't know what to do with himself. He can keep herbs in his bags, awaiting the schmunch without messing about with the posting schedule. He can devote more time to directing the enterprise, rather than being a slave to it. He even got out and cleared Siege on normal to celebrate the new cloak. Suck on that, lowly shadow priest alt. Twitchie is number one.

It being both the end of the month, and the end of our financial year... I rush to reflect on how the system of dividing glyph posting duties based on performance has worked, by first directing your eyes to the pie chart above. Serviteur sells the good stuff and it shows. One of the reasons I divided glyphs up by performance is to take advantage of the diminishing returns on posting poor performing glyphs. If I was short on time, I could just post on one or two of my minions and get the best bang for my buck (time is money, friend). Since it was my first full month with the new set up, I thought I was pretty consistent... but it pays to check.

SellerGlyphs Posted# of PostsAverage
Serviteur9897 48 206.19
Favori10719 46 233.02
Laquais9572 43 222.60

From the table, it's clear that on an even posting schedule, Serviteur posts the least number of glyphs. By the time I gave him a few extra posts over the course of the month it turned out to be relatively even and he brought in the bulk of revenue.

The other important observation from the table is the frequency of my posting schedule. I would consider May a very heavy month for me, and yet I'm posting less than twice per day. Pretty much any time I post findings on my glyph market, I hear the grumbles, 'not on my server'. Without extensive research on other realms, I grant you it is hard to tell if I'm fortunate or awesome. It's Twitchie we're talking about here... it's probably both.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

For the Record: May 2014 Glyph Sales

228k gold in glyph sales! A new record for the enterprise, selling almost double the number of glyphs than last month.

  • Total Glyph Sales: 228997g
  • Total Glyphs Sold: 2935
  • Average Price: 78g02s
May was a huge month! I could barely keep up with restocking glyphs (by which I mean I didn't (making 1708 glyphs during the month). Herb prices have been rising, and I'm back up to happily paying 1g per herb.

Now that I've made a stupendous amount of gold selling glyphs, rather than try and top that in June, I decided on a new experiment. I've dabbled in analysing the relationship between when glyphs are posted and when they are sold, but there are some severe limitations just due to a sensible and efficient posting schedule. Posting once or twice per day, two of each profitable glyph leads to the following problems. Firstly, posting two of each glyph means I can sell out within minutes. It doesn't allow for recording the third, fourth and fifth sale before I'm undercut to oblivion. Posting for 48 hours, and reposting again inside that window doesn't allow me to see just how few glyphs are sold at the 46th hour mark.

So my experiment for June will be conducted as follows. Post eight of each glyph for 48 hours, and only reposting after they have all expired. Yes, I'll make a LOT less gold... but I will be able to produce a pretty sexy graph depicting just how quickly glyph sales drop off after posting.