Saturday, January 21, 2012

1 million gold

I hit 1 million gold today, and celebrated with a tried and true measure of decadence - a chopper for an alt. Only in the context, it's not really an alt. Twitchie the Gnome Warlock has earned his chopper.

The second order of business was to give [Bracers of Destructive Strength] to my main Borgthor for his DPS set, since they were very slow selling the second time around, and essences are only getting cheaper.

I still have 100k auctions that aren't glyphs up on the AH. So hopefully this will turn into a fun competition to see if I can spend coin as fast as I make it.

In my Warcraft Econ interview, I mentioned that 1 million gold would happen naturally, but not any time soon. However a few factors conspired to get me over the line a lot quicker than I had anticipated. Shortly after hitting 500k, my real life work started ramping up. Firstly, I had very little time to play alts, so my expenses plumetted. Secondly, the easiest WoW activity that I could squeeze into my schedule became gold making, so my regular routine kept the coin rolling in.

On the subject of alts and lack of time, the raid finder feature has almost killed off my enthusiasm for alts raiding. I enjoy the challenge of raiding, and whilst it is novel to do raid finder once for each alt, the mechanics are so detuned the place is like a series of test dummies. I appreciate that you can queue, come and go as you please and are rewarded with loot and valor, but to me it isn't an improvement on grinding for valor in heroics.

I've got plenty more to write about when I have the time, and I'm looking forward to sharing my adventures in <Power Word Guild> on Lightbringer-US where I'm enjoying starting all over again in the low level inscription market. I've also found the savior of my JC market in epic gems, where the profit of each cut often exceeds the market value of an cut inferno ruby, no prospecting required.

Aside from stacks of [Tol'vir Hieroglyphic] for my wife, how should I spend my incoming coin?

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  1. WOOT!! Congratulations! I've been waiting for this day and surprised it arrived much sooner than I thought it would. How fantastic it is to see in your screenshot the little red words "At gold limit". I'm a little disappointed that the first thing you do is make Twitchie a chopper - I would have placed all coin in a big pile and have Ianthee roll naked through it. I'm sure having Twitichie do the same crossed your mind. I would love to make suggestions on how to spend coin, but it's completely self interested lol and therefore inappropriate. Vial of the Sands perhaps? Borgthor and Jondayla flying amongst the stars over Stormwind's moon would make a pretty screenshot.

    Congratulations again :D

    PS. Ianthee offers to help you count your gold, should the need arise. She can only count to 5, because that's all required for her combo points and she saw no need to learn any numbers beyond that. Still, the offer is there.