Tuesday, December 27, 2011

25,000 / 25,000 Glyphs

All the way back in February, I posted about hitting the 5000 glyph mark on the way to the guild achievement for creating 25,000 glyphs. Today, I'm posting (albeit a little late) that I hit my 25,000 glyph mark on 10th November 2011, almost a month ahead of schedule for the guild achievement inside a year on a single character. Today I hit 30,000 and celebrated with a graph.

The major bump on my road to 25k glyphs was the nerf to the guild achievement. The moment it was reduced to 2,500 glyphs, I had already hit the 10k mark. The major side effect of the nerf was that I could no longer use the achievement to track how many glyphs I had made. However, for the builk of the year, I was very much a glyph on demand crafter which made it easy. Every time I would make glyphs, I posted them all on the AH, meaning I got a neat tally from TSM every time I broke out the 'ol inking set. Thow in a spreadsheet, add a graph and head down power through in my favourite market.

You will notice that the graph is decidedly more jagged towards the end of the year. I've made some big changes to my glyph operation recently, and have started to bulk craft and store glyphs and have added an extra layer of efficiency to my glyph operation. I am looking forward to sharing the changes and December results soon.

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  1. You hit 30,000 and celebrate with a graph? It's a pretty graph indeed but I hope some alcohol was also included lol. Curious if you keep any data on top selling glyphs (top 10 for example) so you know where to concentrate your efforts, or if you just do all glyphs periodically, determining where the gaps are in the market based on what's available on the auction house? Similarly, do you capture data on the worst (or least) performing (selling) glyphs? Looking forward to hearing if Twitchie has a 2012 achievement planned?
    Congratulations, just a fabulous achievement!