Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lost Engineering Recipes? Nope.

So Faid and Cold were at each other on Twitter today, regarding Cold's post regarding some engineering recipes that had been removed from the game. As the back and forth continued, and apologies were demanded, I thought I'd help out and have a look for myself.

First port of call (as Faid suggested) was Wowhead. I found this comment that told me where to go and learn it directly from Kablamm Farflinger <Transportation Engineer>.

So after an arduous journey, I finally arrived and...

I can make my very own [Dimensional Ripper - Area 52]!

So fear not engineers, you can still obtain the "recipe" and create these magical devices... so find out more, have a browse of some of the fantastic comments over at Wowhead. Now Cold and Faid can kiss and make up, and engineers can be zipping around all of Azeroth and Outlands in style.


  1. I couldn't verify myself so I sent a new goblin engineer buddy to check. Time to kick his ass for not checking the right engineer! lol. Oh well, at least I didn't say stock up on epic gems cause the cool down is being removed! Lol

  2. Thanks, I was leveling engineering on a bank toon just to prove that htis was the case but you saved me some time and gold by taking your arduous journey! xD