Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I finally sold one!

When I started approaching the 1m gold mark, my wife started up again in ernest, with Archeology. She had been working towards discovering the recipe for the [Vial of the Sands] for months, in fact ALL THE MONTHS shortly after cataclysm was released. With each empty [Canopic Jar] was another little heartbreak, and with each request for my steady supply of [Tol'vir Heiroglyph]s it was harder to sing the praises of the dreaded random number generator

However, almost immediately following my 1m gold milestone, Jondayla opened a canopic jar and the recipe burst fourth! I blew the dust off my cache of materials, and we headed to Uldum, each on our seperate mounts to purchase the [Sands of Time] and [Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial] required from Yasmin.

Finally, as pictured above, we went for a joy ride through Uldum together. Oh happy days.

I calculated the cost for my drake at around 32k gold, which includes the guild perk, Bartering. I quickly rounded up the materials for a second vial, this time, for sale. I've never enjoyed having coin tied up in expensive investments and so with a little justification, I was able to make peace with the process. The best time to try and sell an expensive item, is when you don't care at all if it actually sells. If you haven't achieved this level of Zen mastery, there's ways to work around it. My wife deserves a drake!

Jondayla had been slaving away month after month. Acheology maxed, alchemy maxed. Up and down Kalimdor, clearing pesky Night Elf sites just to have a shot at something beloning to the Tol'vir. When I drained my portfolio of 32k and drank from the vial, I got a delightful and shiny achievement. What did Jondy get? Nothing. Well, of course, not nothing. If I recall correctly, she beamed with pride and was aglow with the joy and satisfaction that comes from helping your beloved spouse. I had always wanted her to make a second vial for herself and that was the zero risk way of having one for sale without any stress or frustraton.

Only just now have I relaised just how long it had taken to sell the mount. A full two months of posting, on and off has finally rewarded me with a sale. The prices were very varied just depending on both competition and how I felt at the time. At most I'd have 3 other vials competing with mine on the auction house, and the price got as low as cost + 5%. Finally, my sale was 38k which resulted in a net of 36.1k gold. In calculating how much I lost in deposit fees, I was pleasantly surprised. Assuming posting it slightly more than once per day, it only cost me around 200g. It really does put my issues with deposit fees into perspective, particularly in comparison to the AH cut of 1900g. The few times I advertised in trade, to the usual trollling thought... the AH cut is priceless.

I'm organising the materials for the next vial. Should I give it to Jondayla straight away? Or try for a much much quicker sale?


  1. Give it to Jondayla straight away, you've got a million gold, what's 32k for a nice present for the wife ;-)?

  2. It's a very pretty dragon :) Now I understand that Twitchie is all entrepreneurial and innovative, seeking and finding niche markets and turning business acumen into gold. But you've answered your own question - pride, joy, and satisfaction from helping [her] beloved spouse... The answer is clearly Jondy - there's plenty of time to make coin and test sales times. Love before money :) Congratulations to you both however, long wait for it, very worth it.

  3. I don't have 1m... or even 0.5m and I BOUGHT one for 42k for my girl... you can do something nice for her for spending all that time getting the pattern.