Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flipping Guardian Cubs

Guardian Cubs flatline on Dath'Remar Alliance

I just realised I completely romanticised my adventures in flipping [Guardian Cub]s. According to my MySales data, I only sold the one, but it was a fantastic deal.

The cubs went on sale at the start of November, and as I previously reported dived from 25k down to under 6k inside a week. I immediately wanted to see if I could flip the little beastie, even though it was an inevitably declining market (down to the flat line at 4k we see on Dath'Remar today). There is just something exciting about someone laying down cold hard cash ($10 US), popping it on the auction house to make some in game coin, and then flipping it for a profit with nothing but a couple of mouse clicks.

So I waited (as promised) until the first cubs dipped under 5k, and pounced. I managed to relist and sell for 7742g on 15th November, for a cool 2.5k profit. Awesome.

Now here's the romanticising... I had planned to write a post about flipping the cubs, but as milestones crumbled, patches came and went, the event of transmog and gold making on a new server... it got lost. So finally, I came back to it and went into research mode to accurately boast about my exploits. One sale. One $#@%ing sale. I had to laugh.

So I still have a couple of cubs tucked away that I bought at bargain prices from the auction house. Borgthor learned one, which just could not beat the satisfaction of my Hyacinth Macaw for my 750k milestone later on. Now that the price has flatlined, I might even have a go at flipping one or two, over on the less populated horde side.

What was your experience with the Cub? Were you tempted to flip one? Did you buy one from the AH as a status symbol of your in game gold making prowess? Have you even learned one?

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  1. I have a Guardian Cub and I've recently named it 'The Pet of the Year'. It is adorable and I wouldn't swap it for anything - and I say that because I need to defend the zillion screenshots I've taken of 'my little guy' and I don't have a Hyacinth Macaw in which to compare. But I seriously doubt they can compare. My cub never fails to make me smile and I find myself tapping out /pat and potentially facing ridicule by other toons. Since getting one I have toyed with the idea of purchasing a few from the Blizzard store and just turning them out onto the AH. Can I afford $50US to make potentially 25k gold? You betcha. In fact.. what am I waiting for? Watch the AH hey :)