Wednesday, February 22, 2012

10k on a New Server

Previously I wrote about my first 10 days on a new server, amassing 3,000 gold starting a worgen from scratch and working the low level glyph market. I had a couple of nice transmog sales, which helped while I was reinvesting all my coin back into herbs and inks.

For the 10k graph, since I wasn't reinvesting every last copper into materials or BoEs, I've just expressed my capital as a result of my glyph and transmog sales. The first thing that will jump out at people is day 18, where I made a 2,500+g transmog sale. Thanks to a pair of [Saltstone Leggings], I hit 25% of my 10k target in only one sale.

I hit 10k on day 19, and already transmog sales had contributed 40% of my capital. I was very happy with how the glyph market turned out, as almost 7.5k gold profit in 3 weeks starting from scratch is a great result.

I finally bit the bullet and invested in a bank alt, making the gnomish run all the way into Ironforge to pick up bags and bank space. It allowed me to concentrate more on the growing number of glyphs I was stocking and getting ready for the new Reset Auctions function in TSM.

Next time, I'll show everyone how they can lose 10k gold in an instant and learn some good lessons while playing with new addon features.

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