Friday, March 30, 2012

February 2012 Glyph Sales

  • Total Glyph Sales: 59,597g
  • Total Glyphs Sold: 1209
  • Average Price: 49g29s
At an almost identical average price, sales plumetted in February. True to my new glyph production line, I only sat down to create glyphs twice in February and was a little slack with posting.

My major issue of late, is finding reasonably priced herbs. I'm not sure if it's a ban wave for the bots, but herbs have been very scarce. I've only just recently broken the drought with a supplier in trade able to supply me with a couple of hundred stack of Whiptail CoD. I love the CoD system, since I don't have to stand there repeatedly trading six stacks at a time, and figuring out how much gold to put in the little box. Inevitably running out of bag space, taking a little break to mass mail the herbs to an alt (which I then have to return for milling) is a giant pain as well. I get that having your herbs returned over 48 hours later with no coin to show for it is a risk, but bulk buyers LOVE CoD.

I have recommitted myself to the Darkmoon Card market, since I am sneaking up on 1 million gold in sales since the start of the expansion. I'm not sure if I'll actually get there, since even raid finder now has superior trinkets in comparison to both Volcano and Tsunami... but it still remains a profitable biproduct for alts looking for BoE gear to accelerate their ability to join in the fun. I'm looking forward to sharing some graphs and a look back over the market for cataclysm soon.

Finally, I was so pleased that I got some comments from my mostly rhetorical question about the Vial, so I quickly got the materials together and send my wife a little present in the mail! Then it was her turn to take me for a joy ride!

Jondy flying through the skies of Stormwind; Borgthor enjoying the ride.

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