Saturday, November 26, 2011

My stockpile for 4.3

Horde Guild Bank

I don't usually buy in bulk or horde inventory (aside from herbs and glyphs) but I thought it was time to have a quick stocktake before 4.3 hits.

I have about 532k on Alliance and 85k (after a little spending spree) on Horde.

I'm not a gem guy. I have plenty of rare gems ready to go for myself, but not a stockpile to sell. I recently lifted what feels like a ton of ore from the horde auction house, so I'll be able to produce gems as required when 4.3 rolls around.

I was surprised just how many volatiles I have, which will be great for pumping out buckles and leg patches. I'm also sitting on (what I consider) a lot of Truegold, which will be fantastic for burning through my orb collection.

I have just collected a fresh supply of herbs, and have been busy crafting glyphs now that I have reworked my glyphing (look forward to another post describing the changes). I'm probably sitting on anywhere between 80 - 100k worth of glyphs up on the AH, and towards double that in stock. I have a bunch of Darkmoon decks ready to go, with another bunch of partially completed decks as well. I've decided to wait until the 4.3 faire to hand them in, just in case Blizzard to something silly with the reputation earned.

Herbs on hand for potions, elixirs and flasks
I'm missing [Twilight Jasmine] as the last of my supply went into flasks for my guild and transmuting [Demonseye]. I haven't been too much into flasks and potions recently, and I'm waiting for 4.3 to restock on potions due to the change in required materials.

The other things I'm missing in my stockpile are for Enchanting and Leatherworking. I can't seem to get leather at a reasonable price lately, and the leg patches just keep on selling. So I'm basically down to 10 hides that will soon be leg patches and sold. I'm hoping someone dumps a bunch before the patch hits. I've also probably missed out on cheap crystals, as the price has steadily risen over the last couple of weeks. I made some predictions for 4.3 gold making, but have no clue with crystals. We'll get to split them into shards, plenty more people will be running 5 mans again... but will the increased demand for enchants outstrip the new supply of crystals and shards?

What are you stockpiling for 4.3?

[Hardened Elementium Bar]69
[Titansteel Bar]28
[Folded Obsidium]52
[Ebonsteel Belt Buckle]79
[Elementium Ore]5560
[Obsidium Ore]1298
[Pyrite Ore]1856
[Blackened Dragonscale]766
[Guardian Cub]3
[Inferno Ruby]43
[Ember Topaz]34
[Volatile Earth]1848
[Volatile Fire]1382
[Volatile Life]2579
[Volatile Water]263
[Volatile Air]199
[Chaos Orb]69
[Azshara's Veil]2250
[Inferno Ink]279
[Earthquake Deck]4
[Volcanic Deck]9
[Tsunami Deck]4
[Hurricane Deck]6
[Embersilk Cloth]383
[Hypnotic Dust]187
[Greater Celestial Essence]217
[Heavenly Shard]27
[Maelstrom Crystal]43

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