Saturday, November 5, 2011

Guardian Cubs on Dath'Remar

The [Guardian Cub] is here, and the prices are already plummetting on Dath'Remar.

The cub started off at a modest 25k and fell to 15k almost immediately. The next morning it had hit 11k with a total of 13 cubs available. On day 3, it had hit 7.5k and has slid down to just over 7k.

At this point, I'll be waiting until it is under 5k to pick mine up... How long do you think that will take? Do you think it will even get there?

Update: The Undermine Journal is now updated with data over the last day or so, with the price dipping just under 6k.

1 comment:

  1. Further AH value slippage will be based on the how many Guardian Cubs are flooding the market. It's a good gold making opportunity I suspect. To be honest I didn't even know there was such a pet. I am not a pet collector so, for me, spending 5k gold is just outrageous lol. For that kind of money I'd expect it to also pack some ninja throwing stars and use them widely against enemies, carry a tiny bazooka that deals at least 70k dps per hit, and do whatever is deemed necessary and appropriate to be Guardian Cub of Ianthee's Ass. For 5k gold, I would would also want it to be able to rub my feet, with warm coconut butter..mmm. To answer your questions though, on Dath'Remar, the cubs will likely be on AH for 5k within the next 36hours. Atm, they are currently 6k and undercutting is appearing vicious.