Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gold making predictions for 4.3

Living Ember Price Falls pre 4.3

[Living Ember].The price has just been crashing leading up to the patch, bottoming out around 200g. My prediction for these is that they will rise in value after 4.3, since the supply will dry up much faster than the demand. With the LFR tool, there will be much less incentive to put together Firelands runs since it will be much easier to just jump into the LFR for a complete lack of mechanics to deal with, and better loot to boot. The supply will dry up very quickly. As for the demand, cheap 378 gloves and boots will be popular for alts looking to give their iLvl a little spit and polish before tackling the new 5 mans (which also give 378 loot) and Dragon Soul. Demand will fall off quite quickly, but there's coin to be made before it does. Putting my money where my mouth is, I have bought 16 of these at an average price of 230g for resale or crafting after 4.3 hits.

[Chaos Orb]. Assuming the current cost of a bound orb is 500g (if you can even find someone that has them), I predict these will crash down to under 50g each on the AH very quickly. I have 69 of them, mostly hidden away on two engineers and a tailor. I know I'm not alone, and when we unleash our stock on Azeroth, the supply will be plentiful. I plan to release mine as quickly as I can, but in the form of crafted weapons and armor.

365 Weapons. 365 weaponry will be a fantastic outlet for the massive glut of incoming orbs. Unfortunately for the weaponry, they will be competing against the 378 weapons in the new 5 man dungeons for alts and casual players. I predict there will be a lot of competition so the price will drop reasonably quickly until [Truegold] reserves are used up. Fortunately I have a good supply of Truegold, and I'll discuss my "stockpile" (much creative license taken) in my next post.

What are your predictions for the 4.3 economy?

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