Monday, May 26, 2014

Transitioning Glyphs: Pie Chart

April was the month that my realm got connected. I experienced the gnome starting zone four times, and worked through the logistics of setting up glyphs across three brand new alts, and moving my core consumables to a dedicated auction house character.

It was Twitchie's last big hurrah, taking the largest slice of over 100k in glyph sales. Milarepa took up drinking, because while she is level 90... her responsibilities have been reduced to living steel transmute, scroll of wisdom, /logout. She doesn't even get to indulge her one time passtime of Unleash Elements, Healing Rain, /win. Just. Another. Cog. In. Twitchie's. Enterprise. Dull. In more positive news, the three Warlock brothers: Serviteur, Favori and Laquais jumped into action, and promised their Overlord the best glyph month EVER for May 2014. Meanwhile, over on a disconnected server, far... far away, Pigmalion (who dispite lack of playtime has his own theme song jingle) and Seonadh enjoyed their two bit operation not even being able to prepare all of the Northrend Inscription Research glyphs.

Having had a sneak peek at the data to date, I'm looking forward to checking back in at the end of May to report a bumper glyph month, and pie chart validates my glyph performance data.

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