Monday, May 12, 2014

4M Gold Milestone

Today marks a new milestone for Twitchie Enterprises: 4 million gold.

What I am most excited about isn't the milestone itself, but the graph. It marks the end of recording my liquid gold level in a spreadsheet, and moving it to directly recording it in the Twitchie Enterprises Command Centre (my ruby on rails application dubbed lovingly by my wife as 'Twitchie's Knickers' (being able to peruse the details of every sale I've ever made is a little revealing)).

The last few mornings I've been very excited to wake up and drain my mailboxes of their gold so I can record new totals. It handles the connected realm very nicely, gives me a running list of gold movements over the last fortnight, and most importantly the graph is front and center.

I've fallen a little behind in frivolous gold spent, which is sitting at around 3.5M since I first hit the 1M mark. I plan to give that graph the same treatment, but would like to make sure I categorise my spending carefully. For example, this time last expansion (in that enormous void between expansions) I was spending a huge amount of gold on BoEs for alts as they hit 85 and geared up for some raiding. In mists, with the relative ease of 'free' catch up gear, limited craftables and raiding trash drops being BoP (I severely dislike this on many levels) I have coin overflowing from overburdened coffers and no gear to spend it on.

The graphs don't stop here, I've already got my transition month glyph seller pie chart ready to go, and will release an interactive set of charts for my Ironpaw shuffle markets when I hit my major milestone there!


  1. What did you buy on December 1st, 2012?

    1. Mimiron's Head from the black market auction house for 750k.