Wednesday, November 7, 2012

September 2012 Glyph Sales

A mini glyphmas for patch 5.0.4 that slowly simmered down as people prepared for Mists of Pandaria.

September Stats:
  • Total Glyph Sales:  80438g
  • Total Glyphs Sold: 1810
  • Average Price:  44g44s
I was very excited to have some big, big sales as patch 5.0.4 hit making all the preparation worth while. Of course having said that, at the time of actually writing this it's November and I'm still subsisting on the ink stockpile from before 5.0.4 and still have many, many glyphs filling up 3 tabs of a guild bank.

Once Mists of Pandaria hit, blogging went out the window as I leveled and got ready for raiding. The daily grind for reputation and valor points has been pretty brutal so my WoW time goes something like this: Raiding and guild stuff > power gains for my main > gold making > other fun wow activities (projects for my main, leveling alts etc) > blogging. So October went by without a whimper from the Overlord of Twitchie Enterprises except for some yelps on twitter.

So I have my revered reputations sorted (Exalted the Klaxxi of course) and can cap valor (thanks to the bump for heroic dungeons and scenarios) without too much of a struggle. I've been making gold every which way as well, but haven't had too much time to write about it (I know they miss me over at the Consortium Forums too =P). What I will say is that I love cooking. I have a character dedicated to storing, selling and buying food and I've been Ironpaw shuffling like a mad beast. I am proudly Master of the Ways and even have my apprentice Nomi well on the way to doing my culinary bidding.


  1. It would be very helpful to me if you posted your top glyph sales so I can see what to craft.
    I am not the biggest fan of how TSM calculates what to make.
    I want to make 4 of every glyph that I do not have posted.
    TSM just keeps posting glyphs and telling me to craft more...I only want a max of 4 up at any time regardless of cost or sale or price.

    1. I'll definitely do another Glyph performance table for Mists of Pandaria, look out for that shortly.

      With TSM you can set up crafting to limit the number of glyphs of each type created based on your stock (including what's up on the AH).

      If you explore Crafting Options > Price / Inventory Settings and make sure there is a tick in 'Include Items on AH'. Also make sure your 'Characters to include' and 'Guilds to include' have everything related to your glyph operation included.

      If you then go Crafting - Inscription > Options > tick 'Override Max Restock Quantity' and set it to 4, you should ever automatically craft more than 4 of any glyph using the crafting queue.

      You can play around with the options for minimum profit settings to get the behaviour you like. If you want to craft regardless of TSM's calculated profitability, you can set the gold amount to 0 as a first course. If that doesn't include everything you can also set the prices of materials manually to force the result.

  2. Congrats on the profits. I don't think you have to give away all your secrets. But i'm curious how you price them, if it's tier'd for example. And the average price of each tier. And your strategy for under cutters. How much time is spent to your glyph sales on a daily basis? How do you extract your statistics out to create the graph?

    1. Pricing Glyphs
      My threshold for glyphs is pretty close to the crafting price. My cost for common ink is calculated taking the rare ink into account. Right now I am happy to trade common ink for uncommon ink to make DMF cards and shoulder enchants, so it's worth 10x the price of common ink. For simplicity, if Green Tea Leaf costs 2.5g/ea that makes Ink of Dreams 5g/ea (and Starlight Ink 50g/ea). A glyph costs 15g to make, so I happily list at 20g and above.

      My fallback for glyphs is 265g for pre MoP glyphs and 480g for MoP glyphs. At the start of the expansion I sold a few glyphs for closer to 1k, purely because of scarcity due to the discovery mechanic. Since everyone should have learnt all the glyphs the MoP glyphs can probably just return to the 265g falllback. I craft glyphs not only to make coin but I like to think I'm providing a service to my server, so I'm happy to miss out on some potential income to avoid completely gouging people on the price of glyphs.

      The time I spent on glyphs is in four parts.

      Posting - Since the launch of MoP I have very rarely posted more than once per day. I'm currently posting 2 of each glyph, and if it's not profitable, posting at fallback. I need to make a trip to the bank for Twitchie and then a single posting cycle for an alt. That takes only a couple of minutes and can be the only thing I bother doing for days at a stretch.

      Milling - I tend to mill in large batches, while watching TV. My wife loves television being sponsored by Twitchie Enterprises. I used to have a separate addon, but TSM destroying does the trick. I've been milling sets of herbs by type to get my own milling statistics, which aren't too far from the Wowhead collection.

      Retrieving mail - I generally do this AFK whenever I have time to leave a character logged in and come back to put Twitchie's glyphs in the bank, and hit continue at the mailbox. It does take quite a while to clear the expired glyphs, but my actual time in game is minimal.

      Making glyphs - TSM Crafting is awesome, and I can easily top up my glyphs to 18 of each. TSM knows what I've got on the AH and my storage guild bank and I efficiently get what I need. If it is a large batch, I also hit the 'Create Next' button while engaged in other activities.

      So long story short, glyphs are great because I can spend as little as 10 minutes per day on glyphs and have a consistent income. When I have more time I can organise herbs, inks and the creation of glyphs in efficient batches.

      I have some ruby that parses the accounting lua file and loads my data into a mysql database. I produce the graphs in google docs from queries on that database. However, if you want to quick way to get your data in a useable format, I highly recommend this tool from Margi at the Consortium Forums.

  3. I thought I hadn't crafted enough inks pre expansion, but it turns out I have way too many. Not that it's bad to have stock, but I'm suprised how slowly I'm moving through it.

    1. I am seeing exactly the same thing. My glyph sales have halved since MoP came out.