Thursday, April 17, 2014

For the Record: March 2014 Glyph Sales

March was my last month before my realm was connected, and I still fell just short of the 100k glyph revenue. You know why? I was busy being an awesome warlock.

  • Total Glyph Sales: 97595g
  • Total Glyphs Sold: 1012
  • Average Price: 96g44s
Would you look at that average price? It is fantastic so see such a great return, even if my glyph posting schedule fell off towards the end of the month.

In random recollections from last month, Twitchie scored the 'Proven Assailant' title. Thanks to Soco and Jim for pointing me in the right direction when through a series of action bar mishaps, I disenchanted a trinket right before a proving grounds attempt. The item restoration service is wonderful, and my handy darkmoon faire trinket was a great backup.

I also found some great glyph source information in Stede's post Full Set of TSM Group Import Strings for All Glyphs. 444 Glyphs. I'll be using that information to update my database, since Stede has made sure that the glyph source information is definitive (which is tricky for glyphs that can be learned from multiple sources).

I finally finished off my mage on an alternative server (and Doh! not the one that's being connected). There were a few factors that contributed to my darling frost mage finally reaching end game.
  • She's on another server, to prevent my characters being infected by... Mage.
  • I have not one, but two level 90 warlocks, one for alliance and one for horde. She's out numbered.
  • Twitchie is now a proven assailant, which will keep her in line if she ever gets any ideas about her place in my alts scheme.
Faid got up super early to join in on my guild's Garrosh kill. It was great fun to take advantage of cross realm normal mode raiding so soon after it was implemented, and take down Garrosh with a fellow gold maker and blogger.

Twitchie has been working through challenge modes with my guildies ever since I finished the transmog set on my main. Playing my warlock again has been so much fun that I've even returned to that dreaded legendary quest line. I promised myself I would give it up after my main and shadow priest were outfitted. I caved. Hopefully my cursing about PvP gave some folks on twitter a laugh, and I'm actually enjoying some LFR again.

Connected realms is here, and I've been organising a fleet of gnome warlock alts to free up my inventory space and increase my posting efficiency.

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