Saturday, January 18, 2014

For the Record: December 2013 Glyph Sales

Merry Christmas to me! While I was very inactive throughout the early part of December, some of my competition went on holidays and I made a killing late in the month.

  • Total Glyph Sales: 76464g
  • Total Glyphs Sold: 1273
  • Average Price: 60g07s

As you may have been following (if I've backfilled my posts) my server has had a 50g glyph wall for quite a while. it didn't take long in the abscence of that competitor for prices to jump back to my fallback.

To celebrate the spike in sales, I've created a couple of pages to detail the full glyphs sales from 28th and 29th December 2013. It is just so much fun to browse and see how many glyphs were sold at my fallback of 230g. An average price on the 28th of 172g followed by 152g on the 29th, selling almost 9k of glyphs per day boosted my otherwise slack income more than 20k over the previous month while selling less glyphs.


  1. I'm fairly new to the glyph game. I just leveled it just because and only recently, after reading your blog, I saw how much money it can generate.

    I just lost all of my gold, for a spectral tiger (yay!) although, I regret learning it when I should've resold for a lot more.

    ANYWAYS, do you only make glyphs based on the cost? demand? and just leave it on AH or spam trade?

    Lastly, If a lot of people undercut do you just consistently undercut them back?



    1. I've been in glyphs for a while, so I have a stockpile of very glyph by now. However, TSM 2 makes it very easy to restock every profitable glyph. With over 400 glyphs in game, that takes quite a bit of storage, and I use 3 characters to post (many glyphers use more (ideally I would too, but my alts have other storage requirements)).

      So in short, TSM2 helps me restock glyphs based on both cost and demand. I only craft profitable glyphs (cost). I have a stockpile of up to 20 of each glyphs, so if one is in higher demand, next time I bulk craft (I make 500+ glyphs in a sitting) I just make more of that glyph (demand).

      I post two of every profitable glyph for 48 hours, and post on average only once per day. Sometimes twice, and sometimes not at all (like yesterday, and many days in early December). I don't bark in trade about glyphs at all (but I do about Four Senses Brew).

      I absolutely get undercut. There's a fairly active glyphing community on my server. However, since I only post once per day it does take quite a while for me to undercut them back. I have, on occasion, seen a competitor log on... wait for them to log off and then post.

      I think the most important thing with the glyph market is efficiency.
      - Buying herbs quickly
      - Buying herbs cheaply
      - Milling herbs efficiently
      - Doing something productive AFK while you create aaaaalllll the inks
      - Restocking efficiently
      - Storing glyphs effectively
      - Posting glyphs and collecting them from the mailbox efficiently

      Getting that production line from herb to glyph sale working well is often secondary the end price of the glyph (assuming it's always sold at a profit).

    2. Is inscription your main source of income? or do you use other professions as well. I have 11 90's and every profession to the max. Any advice?

      Thanks, love your blog!


    3. Inscription is a large source of revenue. I should have some posts soon on the breakdown of how much coin comes in from various markets. To give you an idea (purely as revenue) I bring in at least twice that in consumable sales, about the same in gems. Then armor, weapons, darkmoon cards (not insignificant as its own category), trade goods, pets, recipes, bags etc all fall off from there.

      My advice is pick a market, and explore it. Once it is set up and you are happy with the return on investment (both gold and time), pick another. I happily maintain a lot of markets in a very lazy fashion, but that isn't for everyone. I can't remember the last time I stocked up on ghost iron dragonlings... but I'll make some more at some point ;)

      If you are using TSM2, you can set up your crafting module to give you great reminders when you need to restock.

    4. Yeah, I'm learning how to use TSM2 right now, it's a bit confusing but hopefully i'll get it down eventually.

      I'm thinking about focusing on JC/Inscription (inscription now because I'm intrigued by the way you do business, hehe,) Currently i'm trying to buy stacks of herb for 15-20g each, and see how much profit i generate.

      Lastly, by any chance, do you have any mods/advice on how to use TSM2 for scribes?