Sunday, September 1, 2013

For the Record: August 2013 Glyph Sales

New Graphs! New Graphs! I missed seven full days of posting while I was out of town (although managed to kill some heroic bosses from a hotel room) and earned a substantial jump in sales from July.

  • Total Glyph Sales: 54397g 
  • Total Glyphs Sold: 654 
  • Average Price: 83.18g
The first noticeable upgrade, now that I've got my development environment set up, is the graphs for my monthly glyphs. Erorus from everyone's favourite gold related site, The Undermine Journal recommended Highcharts, and so far it has been a joy to use. Notice the warlock class colour. Delightful. Yes, the graph is a static image, because I'm not quite ready to have anyone poking around my web application in real time.

Late in the month I noticed that some of my competitors (/wave) have been buying out my lower priced glyphs like crazy! Cut to my last post about Glyph Posts and Glyph Sales Compared, and I want to make sure that any further analysis separates out suspected competitor shenanigans from sales to players who will likely learn the glyphs. In particular it impacts on the request to see how many times I sell more than one unique glyph between posts, since in the last few days I've sold four of many glyphs (I post for 48 hours) to my competitors. That analysis will be my next post, with data I've collected over the last five months.

I can't overstate how much fun it is to be developing analysis tools for my own data. Every time I touch a piece of code, I add yet another handful of items to my ever growing todo list. I've got visions of pie charts for the pandaren food market, and curves describing the decay of glyph sales as time marches on... Enough dreaming, there's work to be done.


  1. I like graphs. Keep it up. I am about at a point where I can start ramping up my glyph crafting. I have been only crafting one since I finally learned all the glyphs several weeks ago.

  2. Love Love Love. I've always respected your posts on Consortium, so it's good to see a comparison of another glyph market to see that my earnings are comparable. Out of curiousity, how often do you post? From your previous post it looks like once or twice a day with an occasional cancel scan if you get undercut immediately?

    I ask because something I started to track at the beginning of my blog (and then got sidetracked unfortunately by IRL stuff) was the correlation between glyph revenue vs. posting frequency, glyph revenue vs cancel frequency, and glyph revenue vs. # of glyphs posted (i.e. 2 at a time, 3 at a time, 5 at a time, etc). Lots of variable requires lots of time to weed out all the inconsistancies and natural market fluctuations though. Anyways, curious if you'd thought about tracking anything like that or if you've heard of anyone who has.

    All the best,

    1. I never cancel. :) The exception is for new glyphs where it is cost prohibitive to build a stockpile (e.g., new expansion) or coming up in 5.4 where I want to post a LOT of glyphs for higher than usual volume.

      I have been posting two of each glyph for 48 hours for over a year now, so the last 5 months of data has a consistent schedule (aside from time between posts).