Thursday, August 8, 2013

For the Record: July 2013 Glyph Sales

Ouch. July glyphs sales are down, selling less than half the number of glyphs in May. I know I've been posting less, but it will be interesting to see just how much less for such a dramatic decline.

July Stats:
  • Total Glyph Sales: 24,540g
  • Total Glyphs Sold: 355
  • Average Price: 69g12s
So the data above has been dragged out of the new TSM2 Accounting module. The file size has almost gone up by an order of magnitude, mostly thanks to the character gold graph, which I merrily skip over. I still am yet to back date my June sales, since I overlooked uploading the last portion my data from before the change.

I've started selling my first battle pets (rather than the items that allow you to learn a pet), and what on earth the numbers are for a new item type 'battlepet' relate to is currently beyond me. I was pleased to sell a [Spawn of G'nathus] on behalf of my small consortium that farmed us all one and another for sale for more than 6k. Make sure that you look at the auction fee for that item before posting, which will very quickly convince you to sell it as a battle pet!

So my goal for August is to bring you some actual stats related to posting frequency and sales. If I have extra time, (mhmm) I'll look at getting my purchasing data into my database. I clear my TSM Accounting cache at least every other month, so it can be difficult to accurately estimate how much I pay for sporadically purchased goods (e.g., carrots). Having the data available going back months will most likely help me to more aggressively price goods and turn more stuff over.


  1. My glyph sales have completely stopped. There's a new cartel on my server of three players that are always online and walling. You can't even sneak one single sale in. I've never seen it this bad. :(

    1. Fortunately, I've never experienced that on my server. The decline in my sales is directly a result of posting less. It will be interesting what happens if my realm gets "connected" to others.

      I've often heard of the glyph market being something you need to camp the AH to make a profit, but it just hasn't been so in my experience.

      What are the prices like on your server? I'd be tempted (even though my wife tells me it never works out for me) to post a low price glyph wall just out of spite. Of course it would all still be profitable, but I'd want to force the competition to buy out my cheap (e.g., 30g/ea) or post even lower and cut their margins.

    2. I tried that, I posted my stash at a 40g fallback. Between the three of them, they bought it all and instantly relisted at their fallback. I can't complain about the big sale, but if I wanted to keep doing this to them, I'd have to spend obscene amounts of time re-crafting.

      They actually asked me to join their group because they know who I am(not trying to sound arrogant, but I'm the oldest glyph seller on my realm). I refused because I know one of them is botting and I don't support that.

  2. The glyph market on my realm is highly competitive. I post in the mornings before work and a few times in the evening. However, I'm not looking for huge profits with it. I got into it to mess with one of my gem competitors that is also into glyphs.