Thursday, April 11, 2013

For the Record: March 2013 Glyph Sales

After exclaiming, "more of the same" for a few months, my glyph sales get a bump over the 1000 mark.

March Stats:
  • Total Glyph Sales: 77,390g
  • Total Glyphs Sold: 1046
  • Average Price: 73g99s
In my post on resetting the glyph market, I mentioned that there's an expectation with the glyph market that when you post a full batch of glyphs you'll only sell a small portion of them. While it's a common perception of the glyph market, I realised that there really weren't any numbers available to describe it to someone completely new to the market (or convince someone who's only dabbling). So I've started recording my posting cycle to use myself as a case study. So far, what I've noticed is just how little I post. My plan is to post at least once per day, all the profitable glyphs, more on weekends. However, even in the first week of my experiment, I've missed a whole day and haven't capitalised on the weekend, so it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out. Of course missing glyph posting is usually just an indication that I'm happily busy with other things in game and out.


  1. Hello Sir. I havent been playing Wow for over two months, so informations included in your post seems interesting to me. As far as I remember, glyphs were extremally low profit market in previous patch, mainly due to low (30g) prices on most of them, and this trend were on most of realms. Is glpyhs market now back profitable, something like in Cata?

    1. It seems that everyone bailed on the glyph market. As a result, I have found a nice niche. My only competition is levelers which means I have a corner on the glyphs not learned at the trainer. I fetch 250 gold for those!

    2. The prices of glyphs vary quite a lot on different realms, but in general it is a fantastic market right now.

      Recently I had a competitor try and convince me to set my fallback back to 650g so we could make huge coin like on "other realms". To me that's a little over the top price wise, and I'm happy to keep prices a lot lower.

  2. Lemme tell ya 'bout my crappy server... I've been selling glyphs since Wrath, and I steadily increased the fallback to 500g over time. But more and more competition finally came out, making it a task to keep the lowest prices.

    But now... One guy that has been around for almost as long, has totally screwed with the market. He'll come in and post 97% of the glyphs for 12g and some change! His stuff falls off for a day or so before he reposts, and I just casually keep posting as always, but certainly don't make as much as I once did.

    For me, glyphs fell behind JC and enchanting in Cata. Unfortunately, I stocked up on a ridiculous amount of inks prior to the supposed ink exchange change pre-Mop. I had over 30k inks and about 20 of each glyph. A year later, I still have more than half of the ink and am still sitting on a ton of glyphs that I refuse to sell for 12g. But as another article suggests, I do have patience.

  3. I have been doing great with glyphs lately! The one guy on my server who had been my main competitor for over four years just transferred off. That made a big difference in sales! And I don't even have to camp. This dude that left was a camper, but the rest of us are set-and-forget types. Everybody seems to be happy with their daily haul now, instead of having to fight tooth and nail for sales.