Saturday, December 8, 2012

November 2012 Glyph Sales

November glyphs sales were strong, with the average price up by 10g, and cracking 50k in sales.

November Stats:
  • Total Glyph Sales: 51089g
  • Total Glyphs Sold: 852
  • Average Price: 59g96s
So it's time to start making all of that coin back. There's plenty more mounts at predictable prices (e.g., jewelcrafting and engineering mounts) to buy and ride before I'm satisfied.

Glyphs this month were great, and now that I have discovered all of the new glyphs, am enjoying how quick and easy (and mostly afk) this market can be. I managed to buy a ton of herbs at 1.5g/ea which had me set for rare inks all the way through the Darkmoon Faire (which is on at the moment) and topped up my supply of shoulder inscriptions. I'm still making my way through my stockpile of glyphs, and my stockpile of inks has now dried up completely, which is great timing now that herb prices have taken a dive. Even after the nerf to node respawn rates, I'm finding silkweek on the AH in bulk for under 2g/ea. Starlight Ink for less than 40g giving me epic shoulder inscriptions for less than 120g and selling for over 500g is great for business.

I've been making Darkmoon Cards, but with only two scribes haven't put too many decks together just yet. I have one of everything so far for this faire, so it will be interesting to see how much I can get for them in the days and weeks ahead. I have Borg kitted out with the tanking and strength trinket, and my shadow priest with the intellect one, so unless I get an urge to level to 90... all of these will be for sale.

In game I'm still yet to valor cap an alt, and with the ability to upgrade gear, unfortunately I can't see and end to grinding out that 1000 valor on my main first. The additional valor from raid bosses will help substantially. I've been having a great time trading food in game, as well as my usual markets.

As requested in my comments, I've managed to produce a list of my best selling glyphs since Mists of Pandaria hit, so look out for that soon!

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