Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Deepsea Scale Farming in Vashj'ir

I went for an hour long farm for [Deepsea Scale] in Vashj'ir the other day, mostly because I have a shaman who will sit at 80 for a little while, going after the Herald of the Titans achievement that I completely missed the boat on at the end of Wrath. While the achievement requires Ulduar level gear, there's no reason you can't be as beefy as possible while farming for that gear and beating Malygos about his head. So [Deepsea Scale]s go into [Tsunami Shoulders] and since there were literally not enough scales on the AH to make one, let alone that they were 13g each... it was farming time.

Just to make leatherworking as painful as possible the shoulders are a random enchant craftable, so it's worth noting that I checked the AH and there was nothing but agility, which makes my resto shaman a sad Draenei. Of course adding insult to injury... when I did craft some they were also agility!

In Vashj'ir, I mostly killed the Slitherfin Eels quite close to the entrance to the zone, and every now and then followed a bread crum trail of Ravenous Threshers to mobs, that after consulting wowhead, don't actually drop scales. My hunter is my skinner, and I took the Vashj'ir iconic spirit beast for the run. Many people don't like Vashj'ir because it's a little harder to orient yourself in the water. To make things a little easier for skinning, I'd put my pet on defensive, swim to the middle of a group of mobs and just tag everything, letting my pet finish them off on top of me. That way I rarely had to swim over to a corpse, to locate it above or below me to skin it.

Deepsea Scales only came in at 35, but with my stock was enough to make a couple of shoulders. I got 10 [Tiny Treasure Chest]s which with vendoring gray items was 107g. The 6 [Strange Bloated Stomach]s were a little disapointing, I didn't realise there would be so few volatiles from them. Low level mobs drop [Savage Leather Scraps] like there is no tomorrow, giving me almost as much leather when compressed as the leather itself. I was pretty pleased with the number of 77 - 80 cata greens that dropped at 9, so it will be interesting to see just how much they will sell for.

Rather than report the full value of the haul on my server right now, I thought the discerning reader would rather look at the full list, allow for some randomness and have a much better idea of how useful this farming spot might be for them. I usually have a problem when other people estimate the value of a haul, because who knows how long it will take to sell those cata greens? Do I really want to process and sell all those cooking materials? So here it is...

The Haul

[Deepsea Scale]35
[Savage Leather]67
[Savage Leather Scraps]308
[Tiny Treasure Chest]10
[Strange Bloated Stomach]6
[Mosshide Hood]1
[Nazferiti Spaulders]1
[Nazferiti Belt]1
[Steelspark Axe]1
[Moonbrook Spellblade]1
[Yojamba Gloves]1
[Rethban Shield]1
[Mistmantle Cord]1
[Jasperlode Sabatons]1
[Deepsea Sagefish]19
[Sliced Raw Billfish]6
[Toughened Flesh]5
[Snake Eye]2
[Abyssal Clam]9
[Fish Oil]10
[Embersilk Cloth]4
[Giant Turtle Tongue]5
[Monstrous Claw]10
[Greasy Whale Milk]1
[Algaefin Rockfish]2
[Shiny Fish Scales]9
[Fathom Eel]5

Tiny Treasure Chest Contents

[Embersilk Cloth]53
[Volatile Fire]4
[Volatile Water]2
[Volatile Earth]4
[Volatile Air]4
[Pyrite Ore]4
[Elementium Ore]2

Bloated Stomach Contents

[Volatile Air]3
[Volatile Fire]3
[Volatile Earth]2
[Volatile Life]1

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  1. I decided since I had posted about a source of cata greens, that I should go through the process of putting together an auctioning group on my new "sell all my junk" character.

    The good news is that I have already sold the Mistmantle Cord (of the Seer) for 428g net on the AH.