Thursday, May 31, 2012

April 2012 Glyph Sales


  • Total Glyph Sales: 60,563g
  • Total Glyphs Sold: 1233
  • Average Price: 49g11s
Well, here's a frighteningly similar graph to the last 2 months, although with a gap in collecting my coin towards the end makes that last haul at least look a little impressive. I sold a whole extra 7 glyphs. Seven! So, a keen observer will note that I've been chugging along in the glyph market at around 60k revenue per month, around 1200 glyphs and the average price is steady at 50g.

Mostly the reason for the consistency is a change of focus. After hitting the 1m gold mark, and having some fun with a brand new character on Lightbringer-US I've really dialed back the way I approach glyphs. Even with the change to making glyphs in bulk using the Restock Queue feature of TSM I've been making a LOT less glyphs. As part of my pledge (that I'm making right now) for more interesting and varied graphs, I'll post an update of my glyph production which demonstrates a dramatic decline. I have also been using the Reset Scan function of TSM to buy undervalued glyphs and reset the market and while it would be interesting to see what impact that has on my glyph production (since I don't have to make glyphs I buy for resale) it isn't something I'm going to actively track.

Lastly, my posting schedule has been different the last few months. It is quite irregular for me to post more than once per day, and it's not unusual for me to miss a day or two posting. On weekends I sometimes make an effort to post a little more often, just because the demand is a higher.

I'm currently working on a gold related goal, but rather than saving gold, it's spending it. So I'm tracking my big ticket and more frivolous spends and see how quickly I can get through 1m gold. Obviously purchasing a mount in a GDKP run helped quite a bit, and I'm up over the 400k mark so far. What will be most interesting is how it breaks down as far as my spending goes. The relative size of BoEs for alts versus presents versus mounts versus alts flying skills. I haven't been tracking gems, enchants, flasks or food since they are just everyday expenses that any self reliant, team spirited raider would cover in the course of regular play.


  1. Just a thought... you don't have epic epic 310 flying on all your alts? lol... first thing i get everytime they level... before class skills even

  2. Hi Theatermusic87, I absolutely have 310 flying on all my alts, purchased as soon as they were high enough level. However, two of my most recent alts were still under level 50 at the start of the year when I started tracking this kind of stuff. I have one more character to level on Dath'remar for my full 10, then I'll have every class at max level, except no mages and two warlocks. :)

  3. and i suspect things have slowed down on your realm also. at least demand is much slower on my realm. only 4 players in the market but with low demand and rising material costs it making gold from glyphs remains respectable but nothing to write home about.