Sunday, August 14, 2011

Twitchie's Workshop

Rather than explain my workshop as I have done in previous posts, I thought I'd post some screenshots of Twitchie's newly upgraded setup. Firstly, it's all about the satchels. There are 344 unique glyphs in the game, so while all of them aren't profitable to make regularly, the more space the better.

More space! I have a guild bank tab for spill over glyphs. When I relist expired glyphs, I generally only put up two of each profitable glyph, so depending on the volume of sales and fluctuations in price, I will have a lot that go into storage for posting another time.

My second guild bank has recently been converted to ink storage. Despite the complete lack of midnight ink in the picture, it really helps to know what I've got on hand. Right now, the tab is almost empty, as I can't keep up with the current glyph demand. The good news is, prices are going up!

The last tab is for general storage, particularly Darkmoon Cards and spare rare inks and pigments. Anything else BoE is fair game here too, since I have very little space not devoted to glyphs in the bank.

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  1. I'm honoured to present to Twitchie Industries the inaugural award for 'Fastest Gold Growing in a Small to Medium Enterprise'. Your entrepreneurial acumen is astounding and I anticipate the day you finally decide to float Twitchie Industries on the virtual stockmarket.. where I will purchase virtual shares.

    In other words - Oh my freakin god!

    There's a very fine line between sanity and madness - it's helpful to know you stand with one foot on either side :)